I offer to individuals, professionals and managers of public swimming pools (hotels, residences) a range of benefits so they can enjoy permanently their swimming pool or balneo installation. I can work on ad hoc request as I can maintain your swimming pool for the duration and frequency of your choice. For example, a global service, from the first sunny days to wintering, with weekly maintenance. Each formula is the subject of a study and a customized proposal.

Monitoring and routine maintenance

Analysis and water treatment to maintain ideal conditions for bathing or swimming
Provision and administration of treatment products, chlorine, bromine
Filtration, disinfection system control and maintenance
Control system monitoring and maintenance
Security system control and maintenance
Supply and installation of spare parts
Primary or secondary residence swimming pool cleaning

Wintering and restarting

Wintering, wintering preparation
Commissioning, Restarting
Green water removing
Covers winter / tarp bar installation

Support and Troubleshooting

Leaks and sealing defaults detection
Installation and removal of coatings and liners
Changing pumps
Green water removing, good bathing / swimming conditions recovering
Auditing and troubleshooting of filtration and disinfection
Audit and control system troubleshooting
Auditing and delivering standards to your security system

Optimization of pool areas

Basin and surroundings development
Ladders, stairs installation
Integration of component immersed
Coating and liner change
Filtration system replacement
Equipment room replacement or upgrade
Swimming pools ornamentals installation (coping, beaches, tile, wood)
Installation of roofing and covering system : awnings, shutters floating, removable bottoms, greenhouse