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Equipment and accessories for swimming pool

Because an equipment to be installed must meet the imperative of quality and safety, I can either:
– Help you to select and install reliable products and efficient,
– Install or replace all the equipment you want.

All devices are conform to current local standards: Barriers (NF P90-306), Alarms (NF P90-307), Coverage (NF P90-308), Shelter (NF P90-309). Please note that I do not sell equipment or accessories. My role is to advise and help you choose what is best suited to your needs.

Water Treatment

– Replacement, repair, installation of pool chlorinators.
– Replacement, installation of equipment: Ph controllers, UV sterilizers.
– Installation of wintering package, water test kits, electronic testers.
– Installation of disinfection products: chemical or natural treatments, salts, chlorine …


– Replacement, repair, installation of electrical or hydraulic robots for swimming pools.
– Replacement, installation of accessories for robots pool : filters, cartridges, bags, brushes, carts.
– Replacement, repair, installation of pressure cleaners.
– Replacement, installation of cleaning supplies: cleaning kits, hand vacuums.


– Replacement, repair, installation of filtration units, filtering pumps, blowers for pools.
– Replacement, installation of spare parts for pumps and filtration groups: valves, equipment room.
– Replacement of diatom filters, cartridge filters, sand filters.


– Replacement, installation of approved pool cover systems: bubble covers, cooler tarpaulins, wintering tarps, tarpaulins with bars.
– Replacement, installation of manual or electric reels.
– Replacement, installation of covering shelters, greenhouses.
– Installation of accessories and spare parts for pool cover systems.

Construction, development

– Replacement, installation of pool fittings, plumbing kits, valves, tubes, pipes, electrical boxes, ladders for swimming pool.
– Replacement, installation of waterfalls, fountains, lighting, LED lights or halogens for swimming pool.
– Replacement, installation of equipment for inground or outground pools : liners, skimmers, mats, tarpaulins, fittings.

Leisure, comfort

– Installation of recreational facilities: pumps for swimming against the tide, water coloring for pool, air mattresses, pool games, pool bikes, accessories for aerobics, ball games.
– Installation of equipment of comfort: solar showers, misters, outdoor furniture, animal protection.


– Replacement, installation of heat pumps, solar heaters, electric heaters, heat exchangers, air dryers.
– Installation of spare parts and accessories for swimming pools heating and ventilation systems.

Spas, saunas

– Replacement, repair, installation of spas and saunas.
– Replacement, installation of accessories, equipment and spare parts for spas, saunas and balneo areas.


– Replacement, installation of approved pool safety system : alarms, gates, fences.
– Installation of spare parts and accessories for swimming pools alarm and security system.


  • Water analysis, diagnosis and treatment
  • Swimming pools & spa installation
  • Swimming pools & spas troubleshooting and repair
  • Swimming pools & spas renovation or replacement


  • Specific intervention, ad hoc request
  • Annual, biannual, quarterly maintenance contract
  • Follow-up on the duration and frequency you need (holidays leave, second home)


  • Quick response time and service delivery
  • Best products at the best prices
  • Only the right rate of chemical water treatment
  • Maintenance of facilities at the best price for a longer life
  • Tips from a true specialist of swimming pools

Response Zone

Toulouse, France and Toulouse area (30km around)

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